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Dolphins are quite a peculiar creatures frequently deemed as the most intelligent animal special. Guess what – apart from koalas who regularly get high on eucalyptus leaves – dolphins are also the ‘highest’ animal species.

Basically, dolphins are stoners as well and have their own way of ‘puff puff pass’. When a regular (human) stoner sees and smells some nice weed, we get excited. For dolphins it’s the pufferfish (some good sh*t).

How Dolphins Get High

Joking aside, in the recent BBC documentary about dolphin lives, habit and what not; the hidden cameras in the water found out an extraordinary development.

So the scene (yes, there is a video about it below) starts with a dolphin finding a pufferfish. If can watch closely you can see him (or her? I dunno, they dolphins) excited. It’s like a stoner looking at stuff.

The dolphin caught the fish and just started chewing on it just a bit. Of course the crowd of dolphins gathered around him and he passed the fish around. And everybody instantly knew to chew it just a bit and then pass it on. This is not the first time these guys were doing this!

Just look at them:

Afterwards they were pretty cheerful and playful, swimming up and down and even looking up at the surface, apparently being amazed by their own reflections.

If you ever got high with a bunch of friends and looked in the mirror during your piss break, you can kind of relate to these guys.

that 70s basement
Dolphins form a puff puff pass circle like the guys from the 70s basement.

In short, they were stoned out of their dolphin brains.

The pufferfish, when chewed only a little bit, releases a toxin as a means to defend itself. Never in the millions of years of its evolution would it guess that that toxin will be used by dolphins getting high.

That Yummy Pufferfish Toxin, Man!

The neurotoxin itself causes numbness and dizziness, not unlike weed. These young dolphins are apparently experimenting with pufferfish and it makes me wonder – are there some particular pufferfish that produce a better high and if so, where can a dolphin find such a fish?

Tetrodotoxin, the pufferfish toxin, is a totally legit way of getting high. It inhibits sodium channels in the brain and thereby interrupts certain signals to the muscles – just look at how dolphins like that! Tetrodotoxin, however, is extremely toxic. The lethal dose alone suggests it’s about 20 times more toxic than cyanide. So dolphin kids, just be careful, ok? (and humans, please don’t start chewing on pufferfish cause you know… it can be lethal)

I am aware that despite the intelligence of dolphins not many of them read StonersRetreat and that’s totally fine. For those few guys out there I just want to say welcome – this is a safe heaven for all stoners.

The beauty of the ocean is that there are no laws. So a dolphin looking for a job doesn’t have to pass a drug test like a human would and even getting high is totally legal there. Great job guys, you’ve not only found a loophole, you’re actually living in one!

Oh and on behalf of dolphin population a small request – if you can, please do something to stop the killing of dolphins. Remember that South Park episode?

south park dolphin

Yeah, that happens quite a lot actually and we stoners have to stick together. Here a link to anti-dolphin organization if you want to check out how some people fight dolphin violence.


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