Synthetic Urine For Drug Test – Beat Modern Drug Tests

More and more marijuana users are looking to avoid being caught on a drug test. The substance they use to mask the drug habit? Synthetic urine for drug test.

Smoking marijuana is in many cases becoming a normal behavior, and rightfully so. However, employers do not readily accept that THC is becoming a regular thing in our lives and are conducting more drug test with more rigorous surveillance.

Ever since the synthetic urine cases in Denver, the general public is aware that just about anyone can buy synthetic urine for drug test online and pass a drug test without any problems.

Synthetic Urine For Drug Tests

The case confirmed that synthetic urine actually works and works really well. ‘Fake pee’ or synthetic urine is a mixture of different substances found in urine like urea and uric acid, with correct pH and specific gravity. It is designed specifically to trick drug tests; the sample of synthetic urine you give is read by laboratory technician as genuine and there is no THC, amphetamines, opioids or other drugs in it.

In the past urine drug test were a little more than a formality. Every employer had to send a new employee to pass drug tests before employment and you got a notice well in advance of the test. Regular employees had to pass a medical test once every 3 to 5 years, depending on the job they were doing, and also got a notice well in advance.

The times have changed. Today employers are much more strict about drug testing; they don’t do it just because the law so commands, they are actively trying to seek out drug users by more frequent drug testing and, what is more important, they usually tell you to go on a drug test only a few days in advance.

synthetic urine vs real urine
Real urine (left) vs. synthetic urine (right). *synthetic urine product used: Powdered Urine Kit by TestClear

This has spurred synthetic urine industry. Some sort of THC detox won’t help if you have only a few days to a drug test. The importance of not being caught on a drug test in paramount – a study suggests that more than 80% of employees testing positive for THC or amphetamines use are fired specifically for that reason.

One would expect that in states like Colorado where the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes is allowed will tolerate employees that test THC positive. Here you can read about weed smokers being punished in Colorado even if they smoke at home.

Can Drug Tests Detect Synthetic Urine

Drug testing is becoming more and more evolved and because the practice of using synthetic pee to pass drug tests has spread labs are trying to catch drug users who use ‘fake pee’. So far the attempts to detect synthetic urine of various brands and producers has yielded little to no success.

Creating synthetic pee is a fairly simple procedure of mixing together vital ingredients such as urea and uric acid that are commonly found in real urine. This leaves little options of how to detect that some urine sample is in fact not real but fake.

If the drug testing evolves enough, we might have problems, but as of 2016 all of the high-quality powdered or pre-mixed synthetic urine solutions work with a 100% guarantee. What is even more, companies like TestNegative have a 200% guarantee money back policy on the most widely used synthetic urine – Sub-Solution Synthetic Solution. If you check the reviews, you can see that all people who used it passed the drug test without problems. 

sub solution synthetic pee

Below you can see a video that tests if synthetic urine such as Sub-Solution can be used to pass a drug test. The conclusive result is ‘Yes, of course’.

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