Powdered Urine vs. Synthetic Urine – Which One The Best?

You just applied for a new job and found out you have to take a drug test. Don’t panic. People pass a drug test every day even though they smoked some last night. And it’s not just the synthetic urine that can be used. Have you ever heard of powdered urine?

Yes, that is an actual human urine that has been dehydrated. You just add water and voila! you have a clean human urine. Powdered urine is basically like powdered milk (but it does taste slightly worse).

Being completely natural is a major bonus when comparing powdered urine vs synthetic urine. Nonetheless, synthetic urine is a clear winner here but we’ll still look a bit into powdered urine kits.

powdered urine
Powdered urine with a vial temperature strip. Check out the price at TestClear.

Let’s start with few facts to understand drug testing is conducted.

Why Do You Have To Take A Drug Test?

Drug use and addiction have been on the rise and users have demonstrated altered behaviors that affect their normal dealings with people and specifically their work performance.

All workplaces and schools require that their employees and students are drug-free (which is also why powdered urine kits are selling like hotcakes). A drug-free workplace affords the following benefits to the company:

• lowered absenteeism/increased productivity
• reduced worker’s filing of claims
• fewer accidents

To ensure that prospective employees and incoming school students are free from drugs, they are often required to undergo a drug test.

How Is A Drug Test Performed?

Drug testing involves screening for illegal drugs, prescription medications, and other chemicals. Most companies and organizations opt for a urine drug screening, or UDS, to screen for amphetamines, methamphetamines, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, marijuana, cocaine, PCP, methadone, and opioids (narcotics). Also known as the famous 10-panel drug test.

10 panel drug test
10-panel drug test is the standard drug test.

The test will require the person to enter a private bathroom specifically set-up for the test. A nurse or lab attendant will sometimes have to be present for the test, but not usually. This all depends on the reason for the test. The person will clean their genitals using a wipe and then urinate into a cup. The sample requires 45 milliliters of urine. The person will then bring their sample to the technician, where they will check the temperature to make sure it is within a certain range. Some centers offer instant results, but in most cases the sample will be sent out to a lab for testing.

If the tested person shows positive for drugs, the drug test will reveal the type of drug the person is using or has used within a certain time frame. That time frame depends on the type of drug and the user, and every drug and user is different.

For example, cannabis usually takes about 20 days to pass through the average user, but heavy users can test positive for 30 days or longer after their last use. Opiates and/or narcotics also vary by type and by the user.

There are many factors that determine how long a drug will stay in a user’s system. A few of these factors include:

• The individual’s metabolism rate
• Body mass and weight
• Body fat content
• Health of the liver and kidneys
• Age
• How often and how heavy drug use is
• Amount of water in the body

Powdered Urine – What It Even Is?

Powdered Urine is used to mimic the true human urine and is being used to pass urine drug screenings. It looks, smells and behaves chemically as drug-free human urine! Powdered urine is recommended to people who are seeking employment and are required to have drug testing as a pre-requisite for employment. These are people who, at one time or another, may have used substances, and just want to be ensured that they will pass the drug screening.

Powdered Urine Kit And How To Use It

Powdered urine comes in a kit – this is how it looks like – that includes drug-free powdered urine, a 50-ml plastic medical vial, an air-activated heater that last six hours, a temperature strip and an instruction sheet.

To start, put the powder in the vial and fill this with water. The vial can hold up to 50ml of water although you only need 45 ml. You can add as much as 25ml more of water through without altering the results.

Put the cap on the vial and shake the vial to dissolve all the powder. Then, attach the air-activated heater to one side of the vial; on the other side put the temperature strip.

You will want to make sure that the temperature strip does not touch the heater as the temperature it needs to read is that of the urine mixture that you made.

The liquid mixture should have a temperature of 90-99 degrees as indicated on the provided temperature strip. This strip is highly accurate, reusable and the highest quality component of the kit, so you know exactly when you are good to go.

Depending on the atmospheric temperature, it would take between 20 to 40 minutes for the liquid to reach that temperature. The temperature must be maintained when you submit the urine mixture, lest you fail the test. To ensure that this does not happen, extra heaterscan be used in case of delays.

When you purchase the powdered urine kit, you may also want to buy a thermometer to make sure that the mixture reaches the correct temperature before you submit it for testing. You may also want to buy an extra vial; in case the experiment does not follow the standard procedures.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Powdered Urine?

Like we stated before, it looks, smells, and behaves JUST like chemically-drug free human urine. Powdered urine is toxin-free urine so it has never failed an experiment. When you use the kit, you are almost always sure that you will pass the drug test and you will be issued a substance-free certificate.

Like any other product out there, there are a few disadvantages to be aware of. Although there were no claims of failure yet, the wrong temperature of the mixture (not within the 90-99 degrees) might result to one failing the drug test. That is why we recommend buying a thermometer to test before handing in the sample.

Other Uses for Powdered Urine

While powdered urine is predominately used for those seeking employment, it does have other uses. One could use fake urine as a production prop for movie outfits, as a gag gift to simulate bed wetting, or as a prop for Halloween. Instructors or educational institutions can also use powdered urine kits for their classrooms or labs.