About Us

Synthetic Urine Solutions is a project that was created because of high level of incorrect information regarding the synthetic urine and it’s uses, especially on the internet (articles, forums, social media).

Synthetic urine is a very well understood chemical solution, and thus everybody should understand what it is comprised of and for what purposes can it be used and in what manner. The project helps to educate the public about the uses and importance of synthetic urine in a objective and testable way; underpinned by scientific research wherever possible.

With synthetic urine being a multimillion dollar business in the US and around the world, we are of the opinion that everybody should be thoroughly and objectively informed about different kinds of synthetic urine that are being sold, what they are comprised of and for what purposes they may be used.

It is our hope to bring about global awareness of synthetic urine and it’s potential uses and, furthermore, create an environment where concepts such as soft drug use and urine fetishes are not looked down upon but accepted as a part of being a normal and functioning human being.

With our best wishes at heart,

Synthetic Urine Solutions team.