How To Use Synthetic Urine To Pass A Drug Test?

Pretty much everybody knows that passing a drug test is a must. If you want to get a job and avoid some serious problems you have to pass it. Synthetic urine is the No. 1 thing we use to pass a drug test with a guarantee. We sometimes refer to it as ‘fake pee’. It enables everybody, from heavy users to guys who just had that one blunt that one time, be safe on a urine drug test. And the best part? You can get synthetic urine shipped within 24 hours in the US.

If you have any reason to believe you could test positive on a drug test, synthetic urine is truly a lifesaver.


synthetic urine lab tech
A lab tech testing for drugs in a urine sample. Background image created by Freepik

Before we go into the synthetic urine, what it is made of and where to get the best fake pee, let’s have a look at why it is desperately needed. Most frequently, people use synthetic urine to pass a drug test. Why?

How Important Is Passing A Drug Test?

One and the only reason why synthetic pee is so frequently used is because of how strict the drug testing laws are. Every company tests your for drugs (THC, opioids, amphetamines, coke, etc.) before employment – and, yes, that includes companies in states that actually legalized weed. Pretty bad, right?

So in short, passing a drug test is vital.

You might delay the drug test (and look suspicious) but sooner or later everybody must pee in a cup. If that pee contains even a small amount of weed, opioids, amphetamines etc., you will be caught on a drug test and the job goes bye-bye. And if you’re positive on drugs, not getting the job is the least of your problems.

drug test interview

Synthetic urine checks out as a clean urine. It contains no drugs at all.

What Happens If You Don’t Pass A Drug Test?

According to guys at, the authority on weed, if have a positive drug test, you will not only deal with HR but with Medical Review Officer – you can read their full story about failing to pass a drug test here. Yeah, there is a whole profession dedicated to dealing with people who fail a drug test.

These officers are impartial and if they see drugs in your system, you’re in a world of pain.

what happens if you don't pass a drug test
Walter Sobchak says it best.

Here is a short breakdown:

Things to be concerned about:

  • You don’t get the job – so you’ve gone through all those interviews for nothing
  • Drug use goes on company records
  • You’re viewed upon as liability
What can you do?

  • Get a lawyer to subpoena the test results (huge waste of time and money) to refute them
  • … Well, you can think why you didn’t use synthetic urine like everybody else

You can lose a month worth of interviews and years worth of potential salary just because you smoked a joint a single time. So, yeah, passing a drug test is a big deal for everybody’s immediate and long-term future.

How to avoid getting caught? You already know the answer to that:

Synthetic Urine – A Lifesaver

It’s interesting to see how only a few decades ago, people could only use some kind of detox to try and flush the drugs out. Of course, the drug testing laws weren’t that strict in the 70s and 80s and the drug testing equipment was less accurate than it is today.

Maybe in those days you could get away with some ‘health potions’ or ‘full body detox cleanses’. In fact, a lot of people have good experience with Toxin Rid detox products. It does take some time to detox, though, and you can never be sure if you really are 100% clean or not.

Well, along comes synthetic urine (which, of course, is 100% clean). It was developed to calibrate urinalysis test strips – the very things labs use to test for drugs. In short, they created a bulletproof solution to pass any drug test and dubbed it ‘synthetic urine’.

Before long pretty much everybody figured out that this same synthetic urine can be used as clean pee for a drug test. Duh.

Now we have people who don’t come to the medical drug test without synthetic urine neatly strapped to their leg. Even though they got high 3 months ago (weed usually cleans out in a month or so).

thc detection times
More than 50% of people are still THC positive within 10 days after last joint.

If you have any reason to believe you could test positive on a drug test, synthetic urine is truly a lifesaver.

Why Synthetic Urine Is (Much) Better Than Friend’s Urine?

“I’ll just take Steven’s urine, he’s clean as a whistle.”

When you’re backed against a drug test, this can at first seem a good idea. Of course everybody has a friend with a clean urine, why spend money on fake pee if I can get it for free?

Do you know why people get caught using a friend’s pee on a drug test?

  1. Friend’s pee is not up to body temperature (98-102 F). Lab tech will know the cold pee couldn’t come out of your body.
  2. It smells really bad. Stale real human urine starts to smell and lab tech has a nose for those things.

Are All Synthetic Urine Kit’s The Same?

Of course not.

There are basically 3 things to look for when choosing the best synthetic urine. The most important (#3) is the heating up of fake pee.

Here is a quick synthetic urine infographic what synthetic urine actually is used for:synthetic urine uses


1. Does synthetic pee mimic the real pee PERFECTLY?

Synthetic urine is basically a mixture of ingredients that replicate the pH, specific gravity, urea and uric acid content and so on.

The high-end synthetic pee producers guarantee that.

Low-end not so much.

Synthetic urine prices go from $30 to $100. Given that if you don’t pass a drug test, it’s really not worth trying it with a cheap one.

Takeaway: Go for best-quality synthetic urine – don’t risk getting a cheap one.

2. Synthetic urine comes in a powder or pre-mixed solution. Which one is better?

Some synthetic urine kits are sold as a powder. This means you have to add water to get the liquid urine.

Most are sold as a pre-mixed solution. Basically they are ready-to-go. You don’t have to do anything at all.

This is completely up to you: you can go for ready-to-go synthetic urine or the powder, it makes no difference in the lab as long as you mix the powder correctly.

Takeaway: Pre-mixed solution synthetic urine is easier to use (because it’s ready-to-go, no mixing required).

3. How does synthetic urine reach body temperature?

This is a big one. Obviously synthetic urine have to be of exactly right temperature – body temperature (98-102F) – to be exactly like the real clean urine.

One of the greatest mistakes of using synthetic urine is that people try to heat it up by themselves. You can hold it close to you for an hour or so and hopefully it will have the body temp – in probably won’t.

Some people even try to microwave the synthetic urine (for real). It’s like ‘mate, just microwave the fake pee for 10 seconds and it’s all good’. Well, if you’re extremely lucky, this is ok. But in most cases you overshoot the temperature (above 102F) or don’t heat it up enough (below 98F).

Lab tech who inspects the urine sample gets to touch tons of urine everyday. He or she knows exactly which one is body temperature and which one is not. Even untrained people can tell the difference between 90F and 100F quite easily for example.

Synthetic Urine That Heats Itself Up To Body Temperature

One synthetic urine (in fact the best one you can get) heats itself up. With the synthetic urine solution you get a ‘heating vial’.

You easily just pour the vial in the urine and watch the indicator go green – that means the temperature is between 98F and 102F.

sub solution synthtic urine does work
Sub-Solution synthetic urine with heating vial (right).

This way you’re guaranteed to pass a drug test.

Takeaway: Get a synthetic urine that can heat itself up.

Synthetic Urine 2018 Review – Comparison Of Top 5 ‘Fake Pees’

Based on the above factors for the best synthetic urine, and delivery/price considerations, a selection of best synthetic reviews in 2018 was made:

Top 5 Synthetic Urine Comparison (2018)

Synthetic Urine:Sub-Solution (#1)Powdered Urine Kit (#2)Quick Fix (#3)Xstream (#4)Upass (#5)
Fast Shipping:
Does it heat up?Yes
Average rating: (4.8 / 5) (4.2 / 5) (3.3 / 5) (3 / 5) (2.7 / 5)
Availability:Check PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

As you can see, the Sub-Solution synthetic urinethe only one which has a heating vial – is the best synthetic urine of 2018 exactly because of:

  • Perfect Ingredients
  • Being Pre-Mixed (easy use)
  • Can Heat Itself!

The last one is essential. Sub-Solution heating vial is the only one that actually captures the body temperature (98F-102F). The vial itself is actually a technological advancement with a patent. If you’re more of a scientific type, you can even go through the Sub-Solution patent here.

Where Can You Buy Synthetic Urine?

Most people buy it online because it’s safe and anonymous. For example here is the link to the Sub-Solution store. By the way, they also sell an ‘Incognito Belt’ where you can easily strap the synthetic urine on and go undetected through the whole experience on drug testing. Alternatively, you can put it in your pants or strap it to your leg, possibilities there are endless.

Some head shops also sell it – you can find some information along with store locator here.

How Fast Can I Get ‘Fake Pee’ When Ordering Online?

Generally, within 24 hours.

The majority of online synthetic urine providers realize that you probably have a drug test in next few days. This is why shipping is lightning fast.

Same-day shipping for synthetic urine is a standard.

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