Synthetic Urine or ‘How to pass a urine drug test with fake pee’

Real human urine is a complex mixture of several hundreds of substances. Synthetic urine, on the other hand, is usually comprised of urine’s vital ingredients which mimic the real urine. It is widely used to pass drug tests, as a natural repellent against insects and even for fetishistic ‘golden shower’ uses.

synthetic urine kit
Synthetic urine kit

How to pass a drug test is an important issue for pre-employment and on-job tests and thus far using synthetic urine or ‘fake pee’ is a standard practice for anybody who wants to be sure to test negative on a medical drug test.

What is Synthetic Urine and How it Was Developed?

Believe it or not, but synthetic urine was created by scientists in order to calibrate instruments used for urine drug testing or urinalysis. It was specifically designed to mimic the real human urine by adding known amounts of various substances to the ‘fake pee’ solution – this is how scientists knew beforehand how much the pH of the solution is, how much glucose does it contain, what is the specific gravity of the synthetic urine and so on. The instruments used to measure fake pee solution (the most widely used and simple ones are urine test strips) had to provide the same results in order to confirm they are working correctly.

workplace drug testing
Almost half of non-negative results are due to marijuana (THC) use.

Since then, synthetic urine has been used to pass drug tests, primarily for THC or marijuana, or other drugs such as amphetamines, opioids (heroin, cocaine, oxycodone), LSD, benzodiazepine and other illegal drugs. Given what is at stake if some does not pass a pre-employment or on-job drug test, most of the users seek out some sort of detoxification prior of taking drug test.

However, detoxification drinks and formulas are not very reliable. What is more, most of them work by masking the drugs with a huge amount of niacin (Vitamin B6). Niacin is a well-known substance to cover up the drugs in urine test and majority of medical tests are designed to detect an unusual amount of niacin. This means that the use of detox formulas is readily picked up at drug tests and anybody suspected of trying to fool a urine test is subjected to a blood test – blood tests are very accurate and detect every drug people have been in contact with in recent time.

Why is Synthetic Urine Used to Pass Urine Drug Test

The beauty of synthetic urine is that a urine test cannot distinguish between a real urine and synthetic urine. Synthetic urine mimics the real urine in every measured way. Fake pee contains no drugs or drug metabolites such as a normal real urine sample of a drug user might. This is how someone who uses synthetic drug can never be caught on a drug test. You can check out one of these urine sub-solutions.

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What do Urine Drug Tests Measure

In order to pass a drug test, the synthetic urine created out of powdered urine has to match the real urine. If the synthetic urine you will use to replace the real urine is in any way of, it will be suspicious. This is what they measure on a routine urine drug test. In the bracket you have the description what you can look for when choosing the best synthetic urine products:

normal value for urine drug tets

  • pH of urine (should be between 4.6 and 8 pH – this is quite a wide range and synthetic urine solutions usually have no problem falling in that interval; remember that water itself has a pH of 7)
  • Creatine content (normal creatine content is between 20 and 400 as seen from the table – if creatine content would fall under 20, personnel performing the drug test might think it is unusually diluted; this is what synthetic urine has to account for in its formula)
  • Specific gravity of urine (urine is a bit heavier than water – normal urine which fake fee is trying to mimic has a specific gravity of 1.005-1.030. Specific gravity or urine density depends on the amount of solvents like salts in the urine – fake urine has to account for the specific gravity by salts being added to the sub-solution formula)
  • Uric acid (molecule that every real urine contains. Synthetic urine has to have uric acid in order to be considered a valid pee substitute. If there is no uric acid, the drug tester will know you’re not giving them a real urine sample)
  • Urea (same goes for urea. Urea and uric acid are both present in real pee; thus if ‘fake pee’ is missing one of both of them, it will serve as a proof that what you giving them is not your real urine. Always check if synthetic urine contains uric acid AND urea)
  • Glutaraldehyde (not present in real urine unless if there is some heavy kidney damage. However, it is present in many so-called detox-formulas which try to mask the drugs. If someone is caught with glutaraldehyde in their pee, everybody will know the sample has been tampered with. This is why you want to buy a high-quality synthetic urine when trying to pass a drug test)
  • Nitrate (nitrate or nitrates is a similar case as with glutaraldehyde – it is not found in a normal urine, but it is found in certain detox or low-quality fake pee/synthetic urine solutions. The drug tests are designed is such a way to detect if anybody tampered with the urine sample. The presence of nitrates would confirm somebody was trying to fool a drug test)
  • Color and odor (medically relevant; color of urine is usually yellow to colorless and urine odor is very specific. Color is not hard to fake as far as synthetic urine is concerned; however, odor is another thing. Be very careful what the producers of synthetic urine say about the odor and read the synthetic pee reviews – odorless fake pee might be a problem)
  • Temperature (temperature of urine should match body temperature; albeit it is not officially a part of the test, a nurse or a doctor will immeditelly notice if the urine is not warm enough. This is why best synthetic pee solutions include some sort of heating agent. Alternatively, you should pre-heat your synthetic urine to body temperature to not be suspecious)

Urine tests also measure protein content, sugar content, bilirubin, urobilirubin and ketones which are not found in real urine; unless there is some medical problem such as kidney failure or Type II diabetes. The reason for these measurements is purely medical and you don’t have to worry about them when trying to pass a drug test with synthetic urine.

How Does Synthetic Urine Work

Synthetic urine works in drug test simply because someone who might test positive drug test doesn’t provide his or hers urine. The provided urine is actually fake urine – synthetic urine. Synthetic urine, which usually comes in a powder or in a solution, does not include THC, amphetamines, opiods or other drugs. It is in fact clean urine.

2 Good Things About Synthetic Urine

real urine vs synthetic urine
Comparison of real urine (left) and Sub-solution synthetic urine (right). There is no visual difference between the two.
  1. Synthetic urine or ‘fake pee’ looks exactly like real urine. Personnel performing the test – nurses, doctors or lab technicians – will not be able to tell the difference between fake pee and real pee just by looking at the sample.
  2. Urine drug test will not be able to tell the difference between synthetic urine and real urine, if you use high-quality synthetic urine that contains urea, uric acid and is of the right pH, special gravity and so on.

2 Challenges When Using Synthetic Urine to Pass a Drug Test

  1. Smuggling fake pee to the test cabin – Every urine test starts by giving a urine sample, usually in a special toilet-like cabin or stall, where you can do your business in peace. One has to smuggle the synthetic urine solution in so that he or she can fill the cup that is given with fake pee instead of actually peeing in it. This might be challenging but there are number of ways (or places) of how to sneek the synthetic urine in – you can read about it in our next following article ‘5 Best Ways of Sneeking Synthetic Urine in the Stall’.
  2. Heating synthetic pee to body temperature – How to heat synthetic urine is an important part of passing a drug test. Nobody will measure the exact temperature of your urine (or synthetic urine) but if lab technician or a nurse feels the urine that should just come out of your body is cool, then you might be in trouble. Quick Fix solved this problem with adding heating pads to a majority of synthetic pee solutions they sell. You can check out the Quick Fix’s Synthetic Urine with Heating Pads here. Alternatively, you can be creative about heating synthetic urine – for example, you can put it in hot water before going to a urine drug test.

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What is ‘Fake Pee’ Used For?

Synthetic pee was first developed to calibrate urine tests. Today passing a drug test is the main use of synthetic pee. There are, however, other uses of synthetic urine that may be a little weird to say the least.


In various labs synthetic pee is frequently used instead of real urine. Real urine is different from person to person; thus no research done with real urine can be so adequately compared to other studies as with synthetic urine. The scientific community has thus developed a standard synthetic urine (the closest thing to standard being sold to a general public is Quick Fix on Ebay) which is widely used because it yields reliable and comparable results. It also has an added advantage of being without an odor and can be used almost indefinitely – the characteristics of real human urine are changing all the time because of bacterial activity.


This might sound surprising but synthetic pee was readily adopted on fetish scene. The so-called ‘golden showers’ that usually include larger amounts of urine – either partner urinating on the other partner/s – can be done in the most genuine way with real human urine.

However, real urine has its drawbacks – it is smelly and has sticky characteristics when it dries on the skin. It is obviously also available in limited quantities; one can only empty his or her blatter.

Fake pee is thus used in large quantities that give special sexual pleasure to all who share in the ‘golden shower’ fetish. It is also easy to clean and has no distinctive smell while still being ‘nasty’ enough to give a very exciting experience.

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Urine was used for therapy is various ancient cultures, including Rome, Islamic countries and pre-Columbian Mexico. Today it is a part of alternative medicine. It is applied to the skin, drunk or used to make cosmetical products. Urea, one of the most important substances in urine, is used to make moisturizing creams and gels (they can contain up to 10% of urea).

Some alternate medical specialists also recommend urine against toothache, for healtier gums and to build up resistance against certain allergies. None of these claims, however, have a scientific background and are thus truly a part of traditional medicine.

The synthetic version of urine is sometimes used instead of real urine because it is cleaner and should provide better results in certain disease. Synthetic version of pee is comprised of about:

urine therapy of urotherapy with fake pee

  • 9.3 g/L of urea
  • 1.87 g/L chloride
  • 1.17 g/L sodium
  • 0.75 g/L potassium
  • 0.67 g/L creatinine

This is a solution that has therapeutic abilities according to traditional medicine and patients often more readily decide to use synthetic urine instead of real urine.

Bottomline to Synthetic Pee

Synthetically produced urine has become invaluable in urine test calibration, passing a drug test and even in a fetishistic community.

What most people are usually interested in is does synthetic urine work to pass a drug test. The simple answer is ‘yes, with 100% guarantee’. However, you have to be careful about which product you choose – and this is why we will prepare several synthetic urine reviews that will help you better understand which fake pee is the best for the screening drug tests and how to use it to avoid the issues of getting caught.

If you have any questions regarding pee that is synthesised, you can place it in the comments below. We will be happy to answer them all and help you to pass a drug test or get fake pee for your specific purpose.


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